Parcelforce contact number – 0870 186 5203

Parcelforce is one of the 5 major parcel delivery services in the UK. They are a courier and delivery service that operates throughout the UK and the world. They manage approximately 60 thousand packages per hour.

Complaints are many. 60 thousand packages per hour would need a lot of dedicated and fast moving staff. There are plenty of complaints about broken and damaged contents.

Many people buy things online and need to have their purchase posted. A lot of packages are being misplaced or lost and many people complain about lost articles. Complaints are not just about the lost article, but the cost of that article and the postage, all of which have already been paid for.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Parcelforce Customer Services0344 800 4466
Parcelforce Worldwide0344 800 4466
Parcelforce tracking0344 800 4466
Parcelforce 480344 800 4466
Parcelforce 240344 800 4466
Parcelforce depots0344 800 4466
Parcelforce claims0344 800 4466
Parcelforce delivery0344 800 4466
Parcelforce collection0344 800 4466
Parcelforce international0344 800 4466
Parcelforce express0344 800 4466

Parcelforce are also criticised for the delivery method. Some delivery drivers just simply throw parcels into the property of the delivery address, no care taken.

Drivers also leave a card to say no-one is home and the customer has to make other arrangements to collect parcel at more expense to themselves. There are a lot of complaints made to Parcelforce on these issues.

Phone the Parcelforce customer care contact number​

Customer complaints are handled through one of their many Parcelforce customer services numbers. They can make complaints to the head office or customer service about late delivery, missing parcels and damaged or broken parcels.

Parcelforce will allow a customer to claim the value of a parcel that has been delayed, lost or damaged. They have many contact numbers, complaints numbers and customer service numbers.

Only the sender can make a claim and it must be submitted within 30 days of dispatch. Or 15 days if the parcel is dispatched by Global Express and 120 days if it’s dispatched through Global Value and HM Forces.

Do you need to call the Parcelforce helpline number?​

Parcelforce will not compensate jewellery, antiques or glass. Perishables must be photographed and all packages must be kept until the claim has been resolved. Proof of postage and the value of the item will be needed to make a claim no-matter which of the complaints options is used to make that claim.

Other things that need to be provided for phone and online complaints, or complaints made in person, are the tracking number, the delivery address, an email address and daytime contact phone number.

What is the number for Parcelforce?​

It would also help to mention how the complaint is preferred to be resolved. It could be by compensation of some sort, a refund or what-ever the customer chooses. This information can help push a resolution to a quicker outcome.

The Head Office address to make a complaint in person is:

Head Office

25 Caldecotte Lake Drive,


Milton Keynes,



A complaint could be about a Parcelforce collection or a Parcelforce employee or driver. The postal address for a hand written complaint is:

Royal Mail Customer Services


P.O.Box 740,




Parcelforce Have Plenty Of Helpline And Customer Service Numbers

Phone the Helpline number between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and on Saturdays 9am to 5pm. This number does not operate on public holidays.

The Helpline operator will explain the process for your claim and give you all the options in which to make that claim. Helpline will also tell you how much compensation you can expect to receive from Parcelforce.

Phoning Parcelforce? Here's what you need to know​

There is no email address that is dedicated to complaints, but there is an online form that customers can fill in. Simply fill the form in correctly and click on submit.

Parcelforce has over 100 depots throughout the U.K. Each depot has its own contact number for customers to call regarding a delivery or complaint.

This is a 24 hour customer service and helpline number that is available to resolve issues and for complaints.

Parcelforce can also be contacted at a customer service address:

100 Victoria Embankments,

London EC4Y 0HQ

Customers can also visit Parcelforce though the Parcelforce website (, and Twitter account ( They are also on Facebook, (

Other Parcelforce phone numbers for customer service and complaints to be called between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 8.30am to 5pm and also on Sunday from 9am to 5pm are: 0044 344 800 4466

If a customer has a hearing problem the customer service and complaints number is: 0044 800 085 5854

For customers that speak in Welsh the number to call is: 0044 344 800 5550

If there is a problem regarding Parcelforce through an actual post office a customer can complain by calling: 0044 345 722 3344

The post office can also be contacted at:

If a parcel has not been securely delivered or a collection has been missed and an option for re-delivery is needed, the depot number is: 0044 344 800 4466

When a customer calls any of the helpline or customer service numbers the call will be answered by Parcelforce staff. Any issue should be resolved as quickly as possible with minimum inconvenience to the customer.

Parcelforce Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8.30am - 5pm
9am - 5pm

Parcelforce Head Office contact address

Parcelforce Headquarters UK
25 Caldecotte Lake Drive,
Milton Keynes,

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